Things to do in Rome in March 2024

What’s on in Rome this month?

International sports competitions, marathons, archaeological sites and temporary exhibitions. There’s so much to do in Rome this March 2024!

Without wasting a lot of time, let’s dive into these super exciting things to explore in the city! 🤩

Things to do in Rome in March 2024

March 9th – Santa Francesca Romana, the most Roman of the women saints

On March 9th in Rome we celebrate Santa Francesca Romana, the patron saint of the Rome together with St Peter and St Paul. She is the most Romans of the women saint. For this occasion, on March 9th, the monastery founded by Santa Francesca Romana is open to visitors.

This is the only day of the year to visit this mystical place and admire the incredible 1400s frescoes by Antoniazzo Romano, describing the episodes of Santa Francesca Romana’s life.

This is in the Monastery of Tor de’ Specchi in via del Teatro Marcello 32.

Ides of March – the last day of Julius Caesar (March 15th)

YouTube video

This year you’ll see Ancient Rome right before your eyes!

The “Gruppo Storico Romano” will show a representation with actors and realistic costumes of the time, of the assassination of Julius caesar on the Ides of March.

On March 15th (Ides of March) about 100 actors in accurate ancient Roman clothes, will reenact the last moments of Julius caesar, right in the very places where history was made. 

The event will start at 2PM in Largo di Torre Argentina (where the assassination took place). It will then continue through via dei Fori Imperiali. And it will then finish inside the Roman Forum, by the Temple of the Divine Julius Caesar, where there will be a representation of the funeral of Caesar and the famous speech by Marc Anthony, which inspired Shakespeare for his Julius Caesar tragedy.

Please note this event will be in Italian and that to see the ending part of the representation in the Roman Forum, you need to purchase the entry ticket to the Roman Forum (on the Colosseum official website).

More info about the Gruppo Storico Romano here:

Catacombs day – March 2nd

catacombs in rome things to do in march catacombs day

Every year, the catacombs open their doors to visitors for free. This year the day will be March 2nd and you can visit for free many of the catacombs of Rome, which are among the most ancient catacombs in the world. Visits will be for free, but you better book in advance, as there’s very high demand. For more info on how to book check the official website:

Want to experience something adventurous? We offer guided tours of the Catacombs combined with the Appian way (in small groups!). Learn more here

Guinness Six Nations Rugby 2024 in Rome

six nations rugby athletes things to do in rome march
2022 Guinness Six Nations Championship Round 5, Stade de France, Paris, France 19/3/2022 France vs England France’s Antoine Dupont lifts the Guinness Six Nations trophy Credit: ©INPHO/James Crombie

From February 2nd to March 16th there will be the Six Nations championship for 2024, where we’ll see Italy, England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales playing for the trophy! Some of the matches will take place in Rome and we thought you didn’t want to miss this really cool thing to do in Rome this February!

The matches that will take place in Rome are:

February 3rd: Italy-England

March 9th: Italy – Scotland

More info:

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Taste the Bignè of San Giuseppe on March 19th

things to do in march in rome bignè di san giuseppe

On March 19th we celebrate Father’s day and there is a specific dessert that we traditionally eat today: the Bignè of San Giuseppe! These are cream puff which carry the name of St Joseph.

This tradition starts from Ancient Rome. On March 17th the ancient Romans used to celebrate the Liberalia, a pagan festivity when the ancient Roman boys became adults. On this occasion the ancient Romans ate pancakes with honey.

Later on the Christians turned this pagan festivity into the Christian festivity of St Joseph and moved it to March 19th. Through the centuries the pancakes evolved and they become this delicious bignè filled with cream and vanilla: the Bignè of San Giuseppe.

If you’re in Rome in March, you must stop at a pastry shop and try one of these!

And if you want to try more traditional Roman street food with us, come join our Super Local Street Food tour with breakfast 😉

The blessing of the cars at the Colosseum – March 12th

As we mentioned above, on March 9th we celebrate Santa Francesca Romana, the patron saint of Rome. She is also considered to be the protector of the drivers. So traditionally there is a mass taking place at 10:30AM in the church of Santa Francesca Romana (very close to the Colosseum), followed by the blessing of the cars, which for the occasion will be parked by the Colosseum, in the area of the Arch of Constantine. If you have a car and would like to participate, you need to write at this email address: and communicate you details and car plate number.

“Fidia” exhibition at Musei Capitolini

fidia exhibition march rome

Who was Fidia? In a few words, Fidia is the greatest sculptor of antiquity. His most famous work was the frieze on the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. This is a unique chance to learn more about this mysterious and fascinating artist, because this is the very first exhibition entirely dedicated to Fidia. In this exhibit you will find more than 100 artworks: sculptures, drawings, even fragments of the frieze of the Parthenon!

The exhibit will be running until May 5th 2024 at the Musei Capitolini. For more info:

“Helmut Newton Legacy” exhibition

If you’ve never heard of this photographer, you better find out who he was right now, because you’re missing out on one of the biggest innovators in fashion photography. And some of the coolest pictures ever!

Helmut Newton changed the rules of the fashion photography by adding storytelling, naked portraits, optical illusions and crime scenes. And he experimented so while shooting for Vogue, Yves Saint Laurent, Bulgari, with David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Cindy Crawford, Monica Bellucci.

Such an important piece of history in photography that you will find below the Ara Pacis until March 2024.

Escher exhibition in Palazzo Bonaparte

escher exhibition rome march

From October 31st 2023 until May 5th 2024, Palazzo Bonaparte hosts the biggest exhibition ever made on Escher, with more than 300 of his artworks! 🤩

Escher was a Dutch graphic designer who moved to Rome 100 years ago. He lived in Rome for about 12 years. And it’s in his Roman house in the Monteverde neighborhood that he made one of his most famous artworks, the Hand with Reflecting Sphere (see pic above)

The exhibition will take place in Palazzo Bonaparte, which used to be the residence of Napoleon’s mother in Rome.


The “Adventure of Money” exhibition

exhibit things to do in march rome

This exhibition is great for families, since it is very engaging to both adults and kids (look at these kids in the picture, they were totally drawn into the story!).

This immersive exhibition drives you from the very first contracts and financial transactions of the Sumerians in 4000 BC (you will see the first Sumerian contracts on pieces of terracotta!), to the crucial points of history that shaped our economy today.

How the coins were invented, as well as the banknotes, the cheques, and the first ledgers. Including the ledger where you can see the payment from the church for Bernini’s most famous Ecstasy of Saint Teresa marble!

We really enjoyed this exhibition and we think you should go too 😊 You will find this until April 28th at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

For info and tickets:

Telepass RomaOstia Half Marathon – March 3rd

things to do in march 2024 rome
Credits: Facebook page RomeOstia Half Marathon

How unique is to visit a city.. and run a marathon in it? Definitely not a standard tourist attraction!

On March 3rd there will be the half-marathon, covering the distance between the EUR district of Rome and Ostia, the seaside of Rome.

The Roma-Ostia Half Marathon is one one of the most attended races on Italy. The route is mostly flat and it’s 21 kilometres long.

This half-marathon was inserted in the IAAF international and FIDAL national calendars, and it’s the only competition in Italy that features the prestigious World Athletics “Gold Label”.

For more info and to register, this is the link:

Run Rome The Marathon 2024 – March 17th

run rome marathon march 2024
Credits: Facebook page Run Rome the Marathon

Another day another marathon. The date will be March 17th, and this time it will be a full marathon. What makes this particular marathon so amazing, is the background you’ll encounter incredible sights and iconic places of Rome. A proper race through history!

As per tradition, the race will be 42.195-kilometer long, and will take place in more than thirty historic sites. To mention some, via dei Fori Imperiali (where the start and finish line is), the Vittoriano, Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus, Lungotevere, Castel Sant’Angelo, via della Conciliazione, St Peters’ square, Foro Italico, the Mosque, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and via del Corso.

The competition is certified with the FIDAL Gold Label and the World Athletics Label.

To register to the marathon, visit the official website:

Frecce tricolore flying over Via dei Fori Imperiali – March 17th

things to do in march

It seems like the Run Rome the Marathon on March 17th will get a spectacular opening. In fact the Frecce Tricolore will be flying over via dei Fori Imperiali at the start of the marathon!

Easter – March 31st

st peter easter mass in rome march 2024

For those who will be in Rome on Easter and would like to attend the Pope’s Easter mass in St Peter in the Vatican – we recommend submitting your requests no later than mid-March.

Here’s the link where you can find all the instructions:
You need to download the form and send it to the email written in the form.

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Written by Federica

Creative director of Live Virtual Guide. Her favorite things are gelato, pizza and the hidden gems of Rome.

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