The Off-the-beaten-path Video Guide of Rome

90+ Rome’s local gems organized in 9 VIDEO-GUIDED itineraries

Watch them to plan the less touristy side of your Rome trip. Then explore at your own pace the best things to see in Rome off the beaten path


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We crafted a super-duper bundle to make things easy and fun for you 😉

immersive first-person video views

fully guided itineraries with curiosities, anecdotes and useful tips to experience the local streets

summaries of all the sights and their routes to use offline while on-the-go

 We see you..

You know that confining yourself to seeing only the “must see” tourist sites is a sure-fire way to miss out on getting to know Rome

 You crave the local insight

You crave the secret spots, the hidden gems

You crave the connection with the local culture

You crave the curiosities, anecdotes, and the local stories

You crave the freedom to walk at your own pace

And now you can easily plan the less touristy things to see in your Rome trip with:


madonna dell'archetto rome
rome off the beaten path video guide

We wrote down a 3-day itinerary that we would suggest to a friend visiting Rome.

It’s a combination of must-sees and off-the-beaten-path sights of Rome

It’s an example of how you can easily use the Video Guide for your Rome trip. Click here to read!

What nitty gritty details are still holding you back?!

We know that..

  • You don’t want to stress yourself feeling like you have to rush to the next sight
  • You want the relaxing time, you want some time to just do nothing
  • But you also want to feel like you made the most of your time before you travel back home

We want that for you too!

We suggest you different spontaneous walking itineraries that include breaks to chill out and enjoy the local vibes.

We don’t want you to waste your precious holiday time doing researches on the fly while in destination. Or miss out too many local gems – because in a big city like Rome it’s really easy to miss out!

You could read a 500-page book and follow the same routes as any other tourist.. or you could learn in a very simple and entertaining way the genuine advices of a local friend.

here’s a sneak peek of our 9 itineraries

Our video guided itineraries come in a bundle. This means that with one single purchase you’ll get all of them, it’s all-in-one!


rome hidden gems live virtual tour

Itinerary 1

Hidden Gems of the Centro Storico

We will start from the beautiful Piazza Navona and then set on a journey through baroque wonders, Roman espresso coffee, incredible paintings that look like photographs, optical illusions inside churches, and a shopping mall which turns into a museum. We will then finish our walk with an aperitivo on top of one of Rome’s panoramic rooftop bars.

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

trastevere off-the-beaten-path

Itinerary 2

Secrets of Trastevere

We will walk through the quieter area of the Trastevere district and we will discover lush churches decorated with tomatoes (not kidding!) and holding incredible sculptures. Then we’ll walk underground and discover some Ancient Roman ruins! We will then hop on the island of Rome where we will treat ourselves to a yummy gelato!

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

photogenic rome

Itinerary 3

Photogenic Rome

We’ll start from one of the most popular bridges of Rome among the locals, then continue to the most photogenic corners of Rome. Then we’ll take a secret passage to the ancient ruins where Julius Caesar was murdered and that today house.. A cat colony! To finish off,  we’ll watch a spectacular secret show that takes place every day inside a church.

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

monti rome video guide

Itinerary 4

Monti: the hipster side of Rome

The Monti district of Rome is a neighborhood which mixes trendy bars and boutiques with the ancient, while being much less touristy than other areas in the center of Rome. Monti is a neighborhood which has a young and hipster vibe. Today is one of the coolest places to be in Rome. Which is ironic, considering that in Ancient Rome it was totally the opposite!

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

jewish district rome

Itinerary 5

Jewish district: food, religion and ancient ruins

Set on this stroll back in time through some of the most picturesque corners of the city: the heavenly Jewish ghetto of Rome, home to some of the best food of the Eternal city, surrounded by ancient Roman ruins even popping out the outdoor restaurant tables! You would never expect that those ruins were also used as displays for the medieval fish market!

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

clivus argentarius

Itinerary 6

The Wonders of the Capitoline hill

A more beaten path, but with hidden gems on the way. We’ll walk through ancient Roman streets and see breathtaking panoramic views from the Capitoline hill. During this itinerary you’ll learn how Ancient Rome has shaped the way we still speak and behave today! At the end we’ll relax in a secret Renaissance garden.

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 2 hours

testaccio rome

Itinerary 7

Testaccio, the genuine side of Rome

Walking in Testaccio means walking through a truly Roman neighborhood and casually discovering the ruins of Ancient Rome.. even while you walk through the local market stands! Testaccio is also where some of the most traditional Roman dishes were born and where you can also find.. a pyramid! 

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 2 hours

cannon janiculum

Itinerary 8

Janiculum hill, the terrace of Rome

The Janiculum is one of the highest hills of Rome and offers the most spectacular views over the skyline of the Eternal city. After the stories of Garibaldi and his epic battles for the Roman Republic, we’ll see one of the most beautiful fountains of Rome and a little Renaissance temple. We will then end downhill inside a “jungle” in the heart of Trastevere.

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours


Itinerary 9

Hiking through the Ancient Aqueducts

Did you know that in Ancient Rome there were 11 aqueduct feeding the city with water? In this itinerary we’ll explore a suburban area of the city and wander through the majestic ruins of the Ancient Roman aqueducts. We’ll stroll through this city park, exactly as the Romans do today. No other tourists on the horizon.

Estimated time to walk this itinerary in person: approximately 3 hours

Looking forward to diving into this super-duper bundle of video guided itineraries?

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