What is a Live Virtual Tour?

A Live Virtual Tour is definitely something you should try at least once. Why? Because it is a meaningful way of spending your time when at home or in your office. A Live Virtual Tour takes you in no time right in the heart of a city, of a cooking class or a fun activity.

How does a Live Virtual Tour work?

Live Virtual Tours at Live Virtual Guide have two main priorities: to be immersive and to be interactive.

We know how much time you already spend in front of a screen everyday. That is why we thought of every detail to make you forget about that screen. And make you feel like you are really there. As if you were walking next to a friend, that’s what our guests have been saying 😊

Our Live Virtual Tours are optimized thanks to our video productions, which we filmed with a visual width similar to your natural eye width.

We are not showing you a presentation or a series of pictures, but the view you would see if you were walking let’s say, inside the Colosseum, in first person.

On top of this visual, you have a host which connects with you and shares all the stories and curiosities about the places you see. Hidden gems included!

The host interacts with you through trivia, and polls. And you can interact and ask questions either through the microphone or the chat, whatever feels more comfortable to you.

We aim at making this experience highly conversational. Just as if you were walking around Rome next to us, and we just chatted while looking at the city around you.

Who hosts a Live Virtual Tour?

The hosts of Live Virtual Tours are usually experts in their field. They are there to “teleport” you right next to them, to make you experience something new and interesting.

When is a Live Virtual Tour appropriate?

Live Virtual Tours are great for many different occasions:

Company events

Corporates very often choose Live Virtual Tours for company events. HR departments and managers book these online experiences as a reward for their teams, for pre-holiday events, Christmas parties, to unwind on a Friday afternoon, or to kick off their working day in the morning.

Many companies also choose Live Virtual Tours as rewards for their premium clients.

When it comes to company events, Live Virtual Tours are a great way of bringing people together and make some team bonding activities. Plus, they are easier to organize and less expensive than in-person experiences.

Interested, but unsure if a Live Virtual Tour suits your event? Book a free 15-minute demo.

Private occasions

Not only company events, Live Virtual Tours are also great for private occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just a relaxing evening with your family or friends. Very often our Live Virtual Tours have been chosen as gifts, for example to a mum, or to a friend. Or also by couples planning their vacation to Rome, who want to have a preview of what they’re going to see on their trip.

Why do we think Live Virtual Tours are so great that they will stay after the pandemic is over?

Live Virtual Tours are here to stay. They do not replace real travel, of course. They rather complement it. Live Virtual Tours are interactive and fun documentaries. They are to be consumed as you would watch a movie, with the difference that you can also interact with your host. Imagine watching a tv show and being able to ask questions, how cool is that?!

They are a way of spending an enjoyable time in a more interactive and meaningful way. We also book Live Virtual Tours or online experiences ourselves, and every time we finish off taking something valuable with us. Because it is not only about watching and learning, but also about connecting with people from literally anywhere in the world. And feeling like you made new friends at the end of the session. Which makes Live Virtual Tours really sociable experiences.

Excited for your next Live Virtual Tour? Have a look at our latest and exclusive Live Virtual Tours INSIDE the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill.

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Written by Federica

Creative director of Live Virtual Guide. Her favorite things are gelato, pizza and the hidden gems of Rome.

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