Gift Cards for Rome experiences

Your Rome wondering starts now

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your sweet half’s birthday? Or for your parents’ wedding anniversary? Or for a person that really deserves a special surprise?
Today most people are not looking for objects.. they prefer to live experiences and emotions, making memories that they will keep with them.. forever.

Therefore the answer is not gifting a fancy t-shirt, or a watch, or something else that will end up collecting dust under the tv.
The value and surprise of these kind of gifts are most likely to be forgotten soon.
But an experience during their Rome trip.. will make eternal memories for which they will be forever grateful to you!

You can gift the card now and let the recipient choose the experience at a later time. The Gift Cards can be redeemed for all our experiences and are valid for one year. Give them something special to look forward to during their Rome trip!

rome travel shows for company events

50€ Gift Card

Valid for one year from purchase date. Ideal to:
discover where the Trevi fountain water comes from in Underground the Trevi Fountain or learn about the most popular locations where ghosts hang out in Ghosts Stories & Spooky Legends

You can also add a customized message for the recipient

rome hidden gems pantheon

100€ Gift Card

Valid for one year from purchase date. Ideal to:
discover the most incredible secrets and stories of Trastevere in Hidden gems of Trastevere or to eat like the Romans do in Super local street food tour with breakfast

You can also add a customized message for the recipient

Trevi fountain Vicus caprarius experience

250€ Gift Card

Valid for one year from purchase date. Ideal to:
get to know the underground secrets of Rome and explore the ancient Roman stadium underneath Piazza Navona in Best of Historical Center with Underground Piazza Navona or get exclusive access to a secret underground crypt behind closed doors in Dark Side of Rome with Underground Crypt behind closed doors

You can also add a customized message for the recipient

But how do they work?

Gift Cards are readily available for purchase and can be redeemed for any of our experiences. They are valid for one year from purchase date. They can be used more than once during this period until their balance runs out. A Gift Card cannot be combined with other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous bookings. The Gift Card code has to be inserted at the checkout page of the booking process.

The Gift Card is non-refundable and is not rechargeable. Also, it cannot be exchanged for cash and it cannot be credited to a card or a bank account.


How are they delivered?

Gift Cards are virtual and they will be delivered via email to the recipient of your choice. You can also add a customized message and decide a delivery date to send the Gift Card.


What happens if the cost of the experience is not equal to the Gift Card amount?

No problem! If the experiene chosen costs less (compared to the Gift Card amount), the left amount in the Gift Card can be used again until the Gift Card is valid and its balance runs out. If the experience costs more, at the checkout page they will simply need to pay the price difference.


How they can be purchased?

After choosing the Gift Card that suits you, you can pay online. If you don’t find the amount you are looking for, you can email us at After the online payment we will send the Gift Card via email to the address of your choice, according to the delivery date you chose.


What happens if a user needs to cancel an experience purchased with a Gift Card?

In case a user cancels the booking of an experience that was purchased with a Gift Card, the value of such Gift Card will not be refunded and it will be issued a new Gift Card with equal amount and a duration of 3 months.