Trevi fountain secret: the Fountain of the Lovers

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The Trevi fountain in Rome is certainly one of the most visited sights of Rome.

But even though thousands of tourists come here every single day, only some people are aware of a little secret that the Trevi fountain holds..

trevi fountain secret
The coin toss in the fountain is a must!

When you are facing the Trevi fountain, look to its right side. Can you spot a little empty walkable space? If you look carefully you’ll also notice a small fountain..

trevi fountain secret fountain of the lovers

Walk through the crowds of selfie sticks and photographers and reach this corner of the Trevi fountain.. which oftentimes is actually empty!

You are in front of the fountain of the lovers, Trevi fountain’s best kept secret!

trevi fountain secret fountain of the lovers

According to the legend, the couples that drink from this fountain will be in love and loyal forever!

This tradition started when soldiers had to leave for the war, leaving their fiancees behind.

The night before the departure the two lovers would come to this fountain. The girl would bring a brand new glass (never used before), fill it up with this water and offer it to her boyfriend.

Then she would break the glass, to make sure she wouldn’t lose her loved one.

Legends aside, this little fountain was actually made to allow people to drink the water of the fountain. Which would be otherwise impossible to reach from other points of the Trevi fountain.

So next time you’re in Rome, toss the coin, but don’t forget to drink from this little fountain too! 

And you, did you find the fountain of the lovers when you were in Rome? Let us know in the comments!

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