Things to do in Rome this month – September 2022

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What’s on in Rome this month?

September in Rome has such a beautiful atmosphere. I think it is probably the best time to visit Rome in terms of weather, as it is still summer, but in a more pleasant and cool way (not too hot like in July/August).

This September 2022 is full of things to do and see in Rome, including some evening openings and activities.

Without wasting a lot of time, let’s dive into these super exciting new things to explore in the city! This is our selection of interesting things to do in Rome this September.

Things to do in Rome in September 2022

1) European Heritage Days (Giornata Europea del Patrimonio) – September 24th and 25th

european heritage days what to do in rome september 2022

Two days filled with guided tours and special openings of museums and cultural centers, to highlight the cultural heritage throughout Europe.

On this occasion many museums will be open also in the evening and the entry ticket will have the symbolic cost of €1.

There is no calendar of the specific events yet. The full list of event will be published and updated at this link during the month of September.

Looking for a 3-day itinerary for your first visit to Rome? We combined must-sees and hidden gems of Rome in this article, have a look!

2) Longines Global Champions Tour Roma 2022

things to do in Rome september 2022
Photo: Longines Global Champions Tour Facebook Official

This is the equivalent of the Formula 1 for horseback riding, and it is taking place in none other than the Circus Maximus! This will be the 14th leg of the 2022 edition of the most prestigious show jumping circuit in the world.

You can attend the event for free, but you need to book your seat at this link.

3) Colosseum by night 2022: Colosseum underground

colosseum underground by night things to do in rome in september 2022
The underground tunnels of the Colosseum at night

Throughout the summer and until December it will be possible to explore the Colosseum (including the underground!) by night.

If visiting the Colosseum is already something special, walking in this majestic monument at night goes beyond magical!

Even considering that there will be way less visitors than during the day. To make the tour even more spooky and adventurous, this night tour of the Colosseum will also take you through the underground tunnels. They were not visible to the spectators in ancient Rome, but it is where the backstage of the sophisticated shows was taking place.

We suggest this night guided tour which includes also a stunning panoramic walk before you enter the Colosseum: VIP Colosseum At Night Tour With Underground & Arena Floor

Did you know we made a Video Guide of our favorite hidden gems itineraries of Rome? Here we’ll tell you exactly where to go to discover as many Rome secrets as possible in the least amount of time 🤫

4) Domus Aurea Experience

domus aurea reconstruction things to do in rome in september 2022

This is a real mind blowing experience everyone should take when in Rome. If you want to learn what walking in an imperial palace is like, this experience is for you.

Once you enter the Domus Aurea of the emperor Nero, you’ll set on a journey back in time. You’ll walk through the underground archaeological site and watch videos of reconstructions of this marvelous place.

Eventually you will sit in one of the rooms and wear VR glasses. This is where you’ll literally jump into Nero’s shoes. You’ll see the views from his palace over the Palatine hill, and the details of his colonnades and gardens. It is emotional if you are into Ancient Rome.

Tickets must be booked at this link. There is no ticket office in the Domus Aurea, so there is no way you can get a ticket on-site. Book in advance online.

5) Spring Attitude Festival 2022

This is for you if you’re looking for some electronic music shows. The Spring Attitude Festival is the International Festival of Electronic Music and it takes place on September 16th and 17th.

It will consist of two days of music, digital art and live performances from the most popular Italian artists in the field. Everything is taking place in the studios of Cinecittà

Tickets can be purchased here.

Looking for more things to do in Rome off the beaten path? We crafted 9 video guided itineraries (with maps) that you can combine with the must-see sights during your Rome trip. Take a look and try it for free!

6) Domitian emperor. Hatred and love

domitian exhibition rome september 2022

This exhibition takes place in Villa Caffarelli in the Capitoline Museums and it consists of an archaeological exhibit all around the emperor Domitian.

It is called “hatred and love” because the character of the emperor Domitian has always been quite controversial. Sometimes he is described as tyrant, other times as a leader who cared about a good administration, his relationship with his people and to the gods.

The exhibition includes pieces which are not normally visible in the museum.

For info and tickets click here.

7) Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia under the stars 

Until September 23rd (on selected dates) visitors can access the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia during the evening. On this occasion you will get guided tours and theatrical tours included in your entry ticket, to discover the stories and secrets of these places. These visits are also adapted for families with kids from 5 to 12 yo. For info on dates and tickets click here.

Plan the less touristy side of your trip with our Video Guide. Learn loads of Rome secrets and explore the city like never before! Click here to learn more

8) Journey through the Imperial Forums of Caesar and Augustus

As every summer, also this year you will have the possibility to discover with your own eyes what these two imperial forums looked like in Ancient Rome. This is all thanks to a light show which after sunset will be projected onto the ruins to complement the missing parts.

Everything is accompanied by the pleasant and easy narration of Piero Angela. Totally recommended! The shows must be booked in advance at this link.

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piazza di pietra rome historical center private tour
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