Happy Hour at the Colosseum: The Court

Happy hour with a special view: The Court Rome

There are days when you just want to treat yourself and feel like on holiday in your own city. Especially after so much lock-down, quarantine, preventive measures.. it seems like everything in our life has become subject to rules and regulations (but this time you can’t just cut the corners, because health is at stake).
One day me and my friend decided to treat ourselves like queens and lift our spirits up. Let’s go to that super cool lounge bar we always thought about, we said. And we went 🙂
The bar in question is The Court and its location does not require that I specify an address. It’s right in front of the Colosseum.
The Court is the cocktail bar on the ground floor of the 5-star hotel Palazzo Manfredi.
As soon as we stepped in the receptionist welcomed us so warmly and politely. I would say, we felt like princesses from minute 1! 🙂
We did not book, so we thought we would never be given the best table.. and we were wrong! 🙂 The waitress took us until the very end of the terrace, and we sat at the travertine table with the best view of the house, overlooking the Colosseum and the Ludus Magnus!

My cocktail was: Pornstar Martini

I ordered a cocktail called “Pornstar Martini”: Grey Goose Vodka, Passion Fruit, Vanilla Agave and champagne served on the side.The cocktail was delicious and it came with a really pretty composition of snacks and finger food: mini-burgers, crisps with grated lime, tuna, salmon, focaccia with truffle. Everything was delicious, especially the crisps with grated lime on the top!

While you enjoy your aperitivo you can admire the Colosseum and the ruins of the Ludus Magnus, which was the training center of the gladiators. The cubicles (rooms) that you see on the right side of this archaeological area (when looking in the direction of the Colosseum) used to be the stowage rooms where weapons and other equipment for the gladiator shows were kept.

A lot of delicious food was included in the happy hour

On the left of the area you can see a curved shape, that was a little arena, where the gladiators used to train and exercise. There was also space for 3000 spectators to sit and watch the trainings, probably supporters were watching the trainings as today for football teams :)This little arena also had an underground tunnel that led directly into the Colosseum arena, maybe to avoid the paparazzi 😉
In conclusion, do I recommend this place? Oh yes! The location is beyond spectacular, the food and drink delicious and the service is great!

For info and bookings refer to the website:https://www.aromarestaurant.it/en/the-court.html

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Written by Federica

Creative director of Live Virtual Guide. Her favorite things are gelato, pizza and the hidden gems of Rome.

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