Hidden gems of Rome

What did Ancient Rome look like?

https://youtu.be/gsW-1O5y3XY What did Ancient Rome look like? 🤔 What kind of city Raphael walked into in the 1500s? And what did it look like to Bernini, 100 years later? Sometimes it takes a lot of imagination to picture in our mind what the ruins looked like...

Underground Rome: San Clemente basilica

The Basilica of San Clemente is located a few steps away from the Colosseum. Explore all the layers of this church underground Rome!

Crypta Balbi: a secret underground Rome

Let’s go underground Rome and explore an ancient Roman hidden gem in the heart of the city: Crypta Balbi. A proper “lasagna of history”, where we will find layers of history from ancient Rome to modern days, one on top of each other.

Villa Medici in Rome. A hidden gem near Spanish Step

Most of the times the best hidden gems are next to the most touristy places. Walk up the Spanish Steps and discover Villa Medici in Rome.