Best of Ghosts stories and Spooky legends from the Dark Side of Rome

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  • We bring to life the stories hidden in between over 12 sights in the heart of Rome, including Piazza Navona
  • Discover the scariest secrets of the Eternal city across the centuries
  • Learn about the places where capital executions were held for those sentenced for heresies and murderers
  • Discover the most popular locations where ghosts hang out in Rome to make their presence heard!


    Bring your torches and keep your eyes open! We will walk together in the evening through the creepiest and darkest secrets of Rome. Because this is the Eternal city.. as eternal as the ghosts and dark legends that live in it!

    Don’t wander off, let’s stay close while we go through piazza Farnese, via Giulia and Ponte Sisto, homes to the most famous ghosts of the city!
    In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out that many of these ghosts populate some of the most lively areas of the city.. Where you least expect to find them!

    Don’t worry if you’ll feel a swish next to your ear while on Ponte Sisto, that’s just Donna Olimpia frantically running away from the city with her chariot full of gold.

    And if you get a weird feeling as if someone is watching you while walking through via Giulia.. That’s normal, because you’re surrounded by the ghosts which live around Palazzo Farnese and the Church of Santa Maria dell’Orazione e Morte.

    We’ll walk through Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona, while the crowds beside us continue their lives unaware of all the ghosts we’ll get to meet on the way: the girl with the most beautiful hands of Rome, the innkeeper that talked too much and more..

    Then we’ll end up on Sant’Angelo bridge, where the fierce capital executions took place for centuries in front of the population.

    The ghosts of Rome can be scary.. If you don’t know them! But after you’ll get to meet them during this experience, you’ll be able to confidently walk the streets of Rome without fear!



    • Piazza Trilussa
    • Ponte Sisto and the ghost of Donna Olimpia
    • Via Giulia
    • Church of Santa Maria dell’Orazione e Morte
    • Piazza Farnese
    • Campo de’ Fiori and Giordano Bruno
    • Passetto del Biscione and the ghost of Julius Caesar
    • The theatre of Pompey (which you can see but you can’t)
    • Piazza Navona and the ghost of the innkeeper that talked too much
    • Largo Febo and the ghost of the most beautiful hands in Rome
    • Via del Governo Vecchio and the first “certified” haunted house of Rome
    • Sant’Angelo bridge and Castel St Angelo (outside)

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