Insider tour into the heart of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

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🕔 3 hours   –   💭 English

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€379 for the first 2 people – €79 per additional person
Walk through the corridors of the upper level of the Colosseum



  • Step into the most iconic entertainment venue of the world: the Colosseum!
  • Walk through the same streets that the Ancient Roman people, just like you, walked every day 2000 years ago
  • Walk to the top of the ancient city and enjoy the most breathtaking views of Rome, where the emperors lived: the Palatine hill


    Are you ready to discover the most iconic locations of Rome with us? The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill tour is a must when in Rome, because this is where it all started.

    You will see the exact location where Rome was founded on April 21st of the year 753 BC (we did the calculation for you: Rome is 2775 years old!).

    Imagine, it all started as a huts village. Some centuries later it became an empire stretching over three continents! Next to the founding location that Romulus chose on the Palatine hill, the Emperors built their palaces, with incredible views over the city. The same views that your eyes will see during this experience. We promise one thing: these are views that you will never forget.

    Everybody in the world knows the Colosseum. But do you actually know what was happening inside? What kind of shows were happening? Gladiators, lions, public executions. Why were the ancient people enjoying such violent fights? And how did they manage to put together the special effects with people and animals magically appearing onto the stage? You will not believe what a perfect and sophisticated machine the Colosseum was, considering it was made 2000 years ago. You’ll be mind blown!

    We’ll then bring back to life the everyday life of an Ancient Roman person 2000 years ago. What would it feel like to walk around the city? The streets were busy. So busy that traffic limitations were already in place at the time (not much has changed in 2000 years!). The smells of the restaurants, the chatter of the people shopping at the market stands, and sharing the latest gossip. The ceremonies, the funeral of Julius Caesar. You’ll also be able to leave a flower, or just a thought, to the very place where the funeral of Julius Caesar took place, right after the famous speech of Mark Anthony. It all happened here. In the Roman Forum.

    This is our favorite place in the whole city. And we want to tell you all about it. Just as if we were walking next to a good old friend.


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