Best of Centro Storico (Historical Center) with Underground Piazza Navona

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  • Explore an ancient Roman stadium underneath Piazza Navona!
  • Learn the underground secrets of Rome
  • Learn the precious stories and legends of giant ancient ruins appearing out of modern buildings and below your feet
  • Realize how it felt like for an ancient Roman to live in the Eternal City


Did you know that there is a whole world beneath the modern city of Rome? What you see overground is just the tip of the iceberg.

A stroll in the historical center of Rome is already an experience on its own, but if you’re here it’s because you are ready to explore the city right at the heart of it, going beyond the main tourist attractions.

You’ll find yourself in front of giant ancient ruins that casually impose themselves in the streets, which will make you feel so small!
Then we’ll enter a 400 years old church and feel totally transported by its optical illusions. You’ll exit this church very confused!
And when we reach Piazza Navona, it’ll be finally time to go beyond the surface. Have you noticed the shape of this square? Believe it or not, this whole square lies on top of an ancient stadium, where the Olympics used to take place in Ancient Rome.

While you take your steps down 5 meters below the street level, the air feels cooler and you’ll instantly feel like traveling back in time.
This is where the Ancient Romans came to watch their favorite athletes, where they were having fun and collecting memories, just as you do when going to an event.
While walking through these walls you can almost hear the cheering of the crowds, their laughs, their comments on the athletes’ performances..
Come with us and discover all the endless layers that make this city such a lasagna of history!


  • Piazza di Pietra
  • Piazza Sant’Ignazio
  • Church of St Ignazio and the optical illusions of Andrea Pozzo
  • Pantheon (outside)
  • Piazza della Minerva and the elephant of Bernini
  • Sant’Eustachio square
  • Caravaggio’s paintings in St Luigi dei Francesi
  • The Fountain of the Books
  • St Yves at la Sapienza
  • Piazza Navona
  • Ancient Stadium of Domitian underneath Piazza Navona (ticket is included in the tour)

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