Best of Centro Storico (Historical Center) of Rome

đź‘‹ Experience hosted by a local expert

đź•” 2.5 hours   –   💭 English

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€55 per person

PRIVATE option

€229 for the first 2 people – €39 per additional person


  • Learn the precious stories and legends of giant ancient ruins appearing out of modern buildings and below your feet
  • Realize how it felt like for an ancient Roman to live in the Eternal City
  • Feel transported by the optical illusions of a 400 years old church and discover the powerful meaning behind it
  • Realize how images painted 400 years ago can still talk to your gut today


A stroll in the historical center of Rome is an experience, where you’ll learn what it felt like for an ancient Roman to walk in the shadow of a 20 meters’ high temple. You’ll find yourself in front of giant ancient ruins that casually impose themselves in the streets. These ruins appear out of modern buildings, reminding you how small our existence is compared to the 2700 years’ lifetime of the city you’re walking in.

You would never expect to enter a 400 years old church and feel totally transported by its optical illusions. You’ll exit this church still unsure whether some things were real or not!

And while you’re still trying to figure how such things are possible you’ll get a real punch in the stomach when you find yourself in front of 4 Caravaggio paintings. These painted “photographs” will simply connect with you in a universal language of drama, realism and simplicity. You’ll realize how easily some images painted 400 years ago can still talk to your guts today..

And when we reach Piazza Navona, you’ll think this twirl of emotions is over and you’ve seen it all. But then you’ll suddenly walk around the corner and see an ancient roman stadium below your feet. And at this point you’ll feel there has been a whole city below your feet and you’re only realizing now..


  • Piazza di Pietra
  • Piazza Sant’Ignazio
  • Church of St Ignazio and the optical illusions of Andrea Pozzo
  • Pantheon (outside)
  • Piazza della Minerva and the elephant of Bernini
  • Ruins of the Thermal baths of Agrippa
  • Sant’Eustachio square
  • Caravaggio’s paintings in St Luigi dei Francesi
  • Caravaggio’s and Raphael’s paintings in the church of St Agostino
  • The Fountain of the Books
  • St Yves at la Sapienza
  • Piazza Navona
  • Ruins of the Stadium of Domitian (view from the street level)

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